1999.04.29 16:55 "Problem with reading Tiff data", by Zhang Chunsun


I am a new TIFF user, I have a problem to read TIFF image using "TIFFReadScanline" function provided in TIFF library. In my program I have to read a block of data for processing and then free the image buffer, move to read another block and so on. I can do this for the first around 20 blocks, then I got error message when reading image data as below:

TIFFReadBufferSetup: xxxx.tif :No space for data buffer at scanline -1.

The "TIFFReadScanline" return -1 when this happens and I cannot continue my work.

I am using version 3.4beta. The image I used is a noncompressed grayscale 8 bit image, with Orientation: row 0 top, col 0 lhs, Samples/Pixel: 1, Rows/Strip: 1, Planar Configuration: single image plane.

Can anybody help me out? Thank you in advance.