1997.06.16 17:17 "TIFF library", by Ivo Welch

1997.06.16 17:17 "TIFF library", by Ivo Welch

Ladies and Gentlemen:

It is rare that I complain about something that is free, but the fact that this TIFF library lacks the ability to do a


that corresponds to the ReadRGBAImage() is an unforgivable omission. I have spent the weekend trying to fiddle with writing a routine that reads an image, draws a diagonal through it, and writes back a new image. I never succeeded.

Now, I have figured out how to read/write an encoded strip into raw bit patterns in memory (from tiffcp.c---incidentally a 20 page program I had to go through for this simple information). But I could not find a function that translates the memory bit pattern into an RGBA image and back, so I could not do simple image manipulation. Grrr!

Now, I understand that this function might be involved (e.g., to write BW images from an RGBA image), but do users really have to spend a month to do the most simple tasks with this TIFF library?

/ivo welch

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