2003.09.16 20:36 "[Tiff] OT: MS Word to TIFF conversion", by Fernando Loygorri

2003.09.16 21:25 "[Tiff] OT: MS Word to TIFF conversion", by Andrey Kiselev

I've been asked to find a way to convert Microsoft Word files into TIFF files, so that each page of the original document is turned into a single image in the generated TIFF file.

The process must be scriptable and run unattended in a Unix box. All the leads I've got searching the Web involve running the software on a Microsoft Windows machine.

I think the best choice for this task will be using wvWare tools (wvPS or wvPDF) with consequent rasterization via Ghostscript.

Also, we are trying to avoid the conversion to an intermediate format, like PDF, if possible.

Why not? It is not aproblem in automated process...


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