1999.06.03 19:48 "Large File Support", by Bruce Forsberg

1999.06.09 08:07 "Re: Large File Support", by Rob Tillaart

"Within the remote sensing, and photogrammetry community the 4GB limit is becoming significant already"

This was an issue that came up in the ISO task force working on TIFF/IT-P2.

Does anybody on this list have a sense of how important the file size limit is in graphic arts applications? (I can't see anyone doing remote sensing using TIFF/IT!)

simple calculation: (order of magnitude) A0 ~ E-size is one square meter

one A0 at 400 dpi is about 250 Mpixel,
say 4 bytes per pixel (CYMK) is 1 GB uncompressed.
at 600 dpi it would become 2.3 GB
at 1200 dpi it would become 10 GB

If the area becomes larger it would scale up linear. So if the resolution/printarea becomes somewhat higher/larger the 4GB limit comes within sight for uncompressed files.

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