2004.10.16 20:14 "[Tiff] missing install target for html?", by Jeremy C. Reed

2004.10.17 09:35 "Re: [Tiff] missing install target for html?", by Andrey Kiselev

Hi Jeremy,

I don't see any install method for the html files.

Do I need to install the html and images manually? Or is there some method via the configure-generated Makefile(s)?

There should be method to install the documentation in the appropirate place, so feel free to create the Bugzilla entry for that problem.

(I do not want to install the HTML-ized manpages though, so I will patch the index.html to not point to the man pages too.)

But why? There are many links to the HTML manuals from the documentation pages. I don't know how the NetBSD package is organized, but it is better to split it into several peaces: -lib, -tools, -dev, -docs. If user wants to save space he can just skip over the -doc package. But if he want to have documenattion, please, package all pages which come with the upstream sources, because you don't know what user really needs. That is my point of view as a user and I'm expecting such a policy from the package maintainers of my distribution.

Also, is there an automated way to get the man3 man pages to be installed without .3t suffix? (I am patching man/Makefile.in for now.)

There is no such a way. But does it a problem? If it is real problem, please, create Bugzilla report for this one too and I shall just remove those suffixes manually.

Also, I notice that html/build.html is out-of-date. It mentions ENVOPTS for example (but as far as I see ENVOPTS is not used).

Good point. It should be significally updated now. I shall do that shortly.


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