2011.03.21 16:09 "[Tiff] Thunder Decoder Vulnerability", by Frank Warmerdam

2011.04.20 17:37 "Re: [Tiff] bmp2tiff test", by Frank Warmerdam

On 11-04-20 11:08 AM, Hunter1972 wrote:

I have compiled bmp2tiff.c module to test conversion from BMP to TIFF

file with jpeg compression. I configured libtiff the latest jpeg-8c library and ran bmp2tiff with such command line arguments: -c jpeg c:\1.bmp c:\1.tif

The resulted file appeared to be totally black:

Source file
Dest. file


   bmp2tif -c jpeg -r 8 1.bmp 1.tif

worked fine for me and produced a readable file. This was on linux with the system libjpeg which appears to be 6b.

Perhaps you could try with 6b as well to isolate the problem to the libjpeg version?

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