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January 2015

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2015.01.25 16:56 "[security][PATCH] tiff2pdf: fix snprintf return value misuse", by Yuriy M Kaminskiy

There are a lot of code like this:

	buflen=snprintf(buffer, sizeof(buffer), "%lu", (unsigned long)number);
	written += t2pWriteFile(output, (tdata_t) buffer, buflen );

in tiff2pdf. This is seriously broken: when formatted string is larger than
buffer, snprintf return value is >= sizeof(buffer) [current standard] or -1
[legacy]. And in case of other errors, snprintf returns -1.
Both would result in reading unallocated memory and possible SIGSEGV (DoS).

I doubt it can be really exploitable (to begin with, in most cases buffer was
large enough and sprintf->snprintf change was pure paranoia, IMO), but /if/ you
decided previous code was not safe and snprintf is necessary, /then/ you MUST
check its return value.

PS no reaction to private message -> reposting publicly with 1 month delay