2014.12.21 20:12 "[Tiff] PNG in TIFF ?", by Ulf Zibis

2014.12.27 22:24 "Re: [Tiff] PNG in TIFF ?", by Ulf Zibis

Am 23.12.2014 um 02:38 schrieb Scott Ribe:

> Were they noisy images? In all the testing I've ever done of documents, G4 was always > substantially smaller than any other for reasonably clean black-and-white images.

Yes, correct, they were noisy.

I also experienced another surprise. To create the multi-page TIFFs I used IrfanView (via Wine on Ubuntu), and I don't know, if IrfanView uses libtiff to work with TIFF files. There seems some randomness in the compression algorithm.

When I repeated the creation + compression from same PNG sources, the result was always smaller than from the first run for all compression algorithms. E.g. with G4, the first run created a 1.3 MB file, but the second run created a 899 kB file. If anybody is interested to compare, e.g. do they expand to exactly the same image data?, I can send those 2 files privately.

- Ulf