2014.10.15 02:56 "[Tiff] Tiff2pdf page ordering", by Richard Nolde

2014.10.14 22:11 "Re: [Tiff] tiff2pdf built using Microsoft Visual C++ generates pages out of order", by Shailender Bathula

I used 'tiff2pdf' built from libtiff CVS on September 3rd, and Linux 'evince' (PDF viewer) shows the expected sequence 1-2-3.

I built libtiff CVS trunk for Windows today and running the tiff2pdf built over the test file and viewing the generated pdf using 'evince' (for Windows the pages are still out of order.

What PDF viewer is being used when the wrong sequence is shown?

Adobe Reader X 10.1.12

It is important to check if the PDF viewer is re-ordering the PDF frames based on some PDF metadata in the tiff2pdf output or if tiff2pdf is somehow outputting the "physical" PDF pages in the wrong order.

Based on the File > Properties windows (screenshots are too big for the mailing list to be attached) of Adobe Reader and Evince for the pdf file generated, I cannot see anything that indicates the viewer is reordering the frames. Not sure, if there is any other way to find out PDF metadata (did a Google search and most of the results showed this as the way). Let me know if this information is not enough and how I can find out more and I can provide that information.