2004.05.25 14:35 "[Tiff] PDF - file is damaged but is being repaired", by Beppe Costagliola


I'm using the libtiff and tiff2pdf to convert graphycal spooled files from our iSeries (as/400) to PDF.

When we open them with Acrobat Reader 5 everything runs fine, with no errors or warnings, but with Reader 6 we get the message "file is damaged but is being repaired". After that, everything is fine again.

I've cheched the xref offsets, crlf's and they seem to be ok.

I'm wondering if the problem is in the "spool to tiff" or in the "tiff to pdf" conversion.

Maybe we are not running the latest libtiff version, but wit AR 5 we don't have any problem.

Can I have some help?