2019.06.25 07:13 "[Tiff] How to submit bug report for libtiff?", by Shadow HUANG

2019.06.25 19:58 "Re: [Tiff] How to submit bug report for libtiff?", by Roger Leigh

On 25/06/2019 18:59, Bob Friesenhahn wrote:

Dear all,

Sorry for bothering.

The Bugzilla maptools system mentioned in libtiff official page seems not work anymore.

> That is unfortunate.  I can at least see a bunch of open bugs there.

The libtiff Bugzilla site never worked well for me.

I strongly suspect that we could enable a bug tracker at GitLab to replace the one which clearly suffers from lack of maintenance.

It seems up and running to me, though I don't have a login.

There are not that many bug reports (88 total, 22 open), so it would not be much work to import the open tickets, or even all of them if we wanted all the history.

There are apparently ways to import bugzilla data into gitlab, with a quick search showing a few possibilities, or it can be copied and pasted in by hand.