2004.05.19 14:16 "[Tiff] Images larger than 2 gigabytes", by Ben Harper

2004.05.19 16:56 "Re: [Tiff] Images larger than 2 gigabytes", by Frank Warmerdam

I'm trying to use libtiff to handle images that exceed 2 gigabytes, but it appears that the library is unable to read files of that size. Is this true? I cannot find any postings or documentation on the limits of the library. Could somebody please clarify this for me so that I can either fix the problem or abandon this effort. I do believe that I could try redefining toff_t and some others to __int64, and replacing GetFileSize with GetFileSizeEx, etc, etc, but I'm not certain if the whole library is geared for that.


TIFF only supports files up to 4GB. Libtiff should support files of up to 4GB on most platforms, using an "unsigned long" for toff_t. It is required that an appropriate low level 64 bit file access API be used as is done in tif_win32.c.

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