2004.05.21 15:04 "[Tiff] Install libtiff for MSVC .net", by Penn Shan

2004.05.21 17:13 "Re: [Tiff] Install libtiff for MSVC .net", by Andrey Kiselev

Can someone post a step by step instruction on how to install libtiff for MSVC .net, kind like using libtiff on MSVC for dummy?

Including which file to download
where to put it (uncompress files)
if any nmake is needed
how to link the library to MSVC

You should take the tiff-v3.6.1.zip archive, unzip and use makefile.vc files in the libtiff/ and tools/ subdirectories (nmake /f makefile.vc). It is enough to build the library in the simplest case. tiff.h, tiffio.h and tiffvers.h are the header files which should be accessible for your project.


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