2004.11.04 18:31 "[Tiff] is libtiff thread-safe?", by James Xu

2004.11.04 19:19 "Re: [Tiff] is libtiff thread-safe?", by Bob Friesenhahn


that's an unpleasant thing to learn.

are there any plans to make it thread safe?

There was some discussion on the list (initiated by Joris I think) regarding proposed improvements to the error reporting APIs to make them easier to use with threads.

It seems that libtiff is currently thread-agnostic. It doesn't do anything special to support threads, however, it is not a disaster either since its implementation is mostly re-entrant.

In some target environments, libtiff should be specially compiled to ensure that its use of C library APIs (and global errno) is thread safe. I don't believe that this special compilation support exists yet.


Bob Friesenhahn