2003.12.03 06:20 "[Tiff] Double Precision TIFF images", by Chris Cox

2003.12.03 18:40 "[Tiff] Double Precision TIFF images", by Frank Warmerdam

Does anyone have a double precision floating point RGB TIFF image that they could share with me for testing?

Preferably it wouldn't be too large, and would have some recognizable content.


I have prepared a smallish sample for you in double precision at:


Approximately 1MB. It is the bowling sample but with the values converted to double precision and rescaled to 0.0 to 1.0.

I produced it with this Python script using my GDAL library (based on libtiff).

import gdal
import gdalnumeric
from Numeric import *

img = gdalnumeric.LoadFile( 'rgba.tif' )

img = img / 255.0

img = img.astype(Float64)
img = img[0:3]

gdalnumeric.SaveArray( img, 'rgba_dbl.tif' )

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