2000.06.27 20:18 "TIFF tag editor (preferably a batch utility)", by Deborah Thomas

2000.06.30 05:08 "Re: TIFF tag editor (preferably a batch utility)", by Paul Kaiser

Hi there,

You could try my "TIFF tool". It currently runs under Mac / PowerMac. The present version (1.1) allows you to view and edit tags one file at a time.

The version I am working on (1.5) allows you to make Watch folders. Any TIFF file moved into a Watch folder will have a batch action take place on it. Batch actions include assigning specific tags to files, searching and reporting for specific tag contents, exporting the TIFF to a PostScript file, saving a tag log for the TIFF file, etc.

A Windows version is forthcoming, as well.

Go to:

And follow link to Software --> Development

Hope this can help you!
Paul Kaiser