2000.10.06 15:08 "RE: Tiff v7.0 spec (was: Old-style JPEG and HP 9100C Digital Sender)", by Scott Wagner

2000.10.07 08:05 "Re: Tiff v7.0 spec (was: Old-style JPEG and HP 9100C DigitalSender)", by Michael L. Welles

Before I begin, let me start with a "mea culpa": between getting engaged, starting a new consulting business, starting a record label, and starting a new band, I've been *far* from useful to this group for the past five or six months. Hell, I've been considering removing my name from the website, since all I really do is serve as the webmaster to Frank's "Linus".

That being noted, Scott has a point. Adobe doesn't seem to have any intention of releasing the next spec anytime before we get old and wither. What legal issues would prevent us from just seizing the damn format? I don't see alot of @adobe.com addresses posting... Neglegence is frowned upon in common law, shouldn't it be just as frowned upon in IP?