2003.07.25 21:25 "[Tiff] Patch to expand MAXFILES limit in tiffsplit", by Andrew J. Montalenti

2003.07.26 03:47 "[Tiff] Patch to expand MAXFILES limit in tiffsplit", by Frank Warmerdam

Hey there everyone. This is my first patch for libtiff. Be gentle ;)

I chose to keep the same (general) naming scheme instead of switching to something more practical (like tiff_000001, tiff_000002, etc.) because I figured some people rely on the tiffs being named that way and I didn't want to cause a little earthquake.


Nice patch. I have applied it to CVS and it should appear in the 3.6.0 final release.

PS. It is preferred to submit patches via Bugzilla, though I can see the benefit in sending it to the list for those who might need it in the meantime.


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