1998.03.10 20:52 "Tiff problems", by Yan Belinky

1998.03.10 20:52 "Tiff problems", by Yan Belinky

Dear Tiff specialists,

I am new in the Tiff field and I badly need a help.

We are using tifflib to generate tiff files from our Image processing application. Application works under Windows NT 4.0. I 'm trying to save a huge RGB file into the Tiff uncompressed striped format. All works perfectly until tiff a file size is less than 2 GB. The moment it comes to files More than 2 GB size tifflib function refuses to open it. I would like to know are there any limitations in the size of a tiff file in the tifflib or may be it is a Problem of the NT file system. A file I'm trying to generate is 90000 pix in line and 56000 lines.

Many thanks

Yan Belinky