1996.11.12 07:53 "Tiff to Postscript conv??", by Kevin Dale

1996.11.12 17:22 "Re: Tiff to Postscript conv??", by Helge Blischke

Does anyone know of a utility for converting tiff images to postscript??

I need this for a project I'm working on.

At this moment, I have a similar problem.

I have to write a preview of an EPS file. That preview has to be a PC 1 bit tiff image.

I have spent the las three days looking for a source code to write a tiff with bad results. In some place I saw what you need. A program to convert tiff to postscript. I dont remember where.

Try looking up in lycos whith the keyowrd "tiff format".

Now. Anyone know how to write tiff files?

{GNU|Aladdin}Ghostscript (Version 3.26 or higher) offer an easy-to-use means to convert EPS files to EPSI files which are just what you need. Be aware that you should have access to ALL PostScript fonts used in the EPS files to get reasonable results.

If you run into trouble with Ghostscript, maybe I can help you.

Good luck!