1996.12.18 10:42 "Problems with libtiff v3.4", by Benoit Chausserie-Lapree

1996.12.19 08:25 "Re: Problems with libtiff v3.4", by Karsten Spang

I am using the TIFF library (libtiff, version 3.4) on a SUN station:

With libtiff I cannot read TIFF files crated on a DEC-ALPHA station:

- when reading the value of each pixel of the image on my SUN station with the libtiff functions (with TIFFReadRawStrip), those are always interpreted LSB-MSB and not MSB-LSB as they should on the SUN ;

Where is the problem?

You got what you asked for, i.e. the *raw* data. Use TIFFReadEncodedStrip instead.

The tags you included in the message did not include any compression tag, so I will assume that data are uncompressed, and that this is the reason that raw and and encoded read gave the same result on big endian files.

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