2008.08.11 10:44 "[Tiff] Supporting images > 2gb", by alexander johnson

2008.08.18 12:19 "[Tiff] Premature EOL at line 0 of strip 4294967295 (got 0, expected 1728).", by Bogdan Cristea

I am trying to deal with raw fax data in order to compute the image length and then to save data in a TIFF file. The "Fax4Decode" gives me the above warning. I use this routine in the following manner:

        while (fakeFile->tif_rawcc > 0)
                if (!((*fakeFile->tif_decoderow)(fakeFile, (tidataval_t *)rowBuf,
(tsize_t)lineSize, (tsample_t)0)))


 It is odd for me that the strip number is so big. I want to get rid of this

warning. Any suggestions?

Bogdan Cristea

software engineer
Sytron Technologies Overseas