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1997.01.15 05:58 "TIFFWriteScanline", by Rajat Varma
1997.01.15 14:30 "TIFFWriteScanline", by Frank Kim
1997.01.15 15:54 "TIFFWriteScanline", by Adam Jenkins
1997.01.15 21:28 "RE: TIFFWriteScanline", by Ed Grissom

1997.01.15 14:30 "TIFFWriteScanline", by Frank Kim

I am trying to write an image using TIFFWriteScanline.

Using TIFFSetField I could set tags for imagewidth and imagelength, how do I set the tag TIFFTAG_PLANARCONFIG for a single plane image, rather what is the tag value for that.

Hi Rajat,

If you look in tiff.h you will see defines for all the tags. You probably want to use PLANARCONFIG_CONTIG.

 > Whenever I use tiffinfo or any of the utilities to read the tiff files
 > for a particular file that I have, I get the following error message,
 > can anyone tell me what does it mean?
 > SPOT16BI.TIF: Warning, unknown field with tag 33628 (0x835c) ignored.

I believe this warning is fine. tiffinfo attempts to give information based on the tags in the file and if it doesn't recognize a tag it will relay that in the form of warning.

Hope this helps.

- Frank Kim