2009.11.06 04:53 "[Tiff] TIFFDirEntry type moved from tiff.h to tiffiop.h in v4.0", by Lee Howard

2009.11.06 16:29 "Re: [Tiff] TIFFDirEntry type moved from tiff.h to tiffiop.h in v4.0", by


HylaFAX is only using it in one source file: hfaxd/FileTransfer.c++.


You'll see that it's used in several places.

From a quick skim through the code, am I correct in assuming this code assembles memory structures to pass to LibTiff as file input, so as to persuade LibTiff in decoding compressed data that comes from other places? Sort-off like wrapping dog medicine in a piece of steak so as to persuade the beast to eat it.

If so, yes, that would be a place where the old TIFFDirEntry structure had a good purpose. Or maybe not, since structures depend on compiler packing and padding settings, and should actually not be used to encode fixed bit/byte patterns in a future-proof and portable way, I guess.

The easiest way out would probably be to completely ignore that last issue, and define a new, local OldClassTiffDirEntry structure that is completely identical to the old TIFFDirEntry of the old ClassicTIFF-only LibTiff, as you're never going to hit the ClassicTIFF 4 gigabyte boundary in this particular application. Next, do a search&replace on this code file. That should fix it.

That would be a FileTransfer.c local fix, rather then a fix inside LibTiff, but I do feel that is probably most appropriate here.

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