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1996.11.19 04:26 "Streaming TIFF", by Ken Murchison
1996.11.19 18:43 "Re: Streaming TIFF", by Sam Leffler

1996.11.19 18:43 "Re: Streaming TIFF", by Sam Leffler

Does anyone know anything about this Streaming TIFF (STIFF) format that SGI is using? Is this in the public domain somewhere or is it homegrown at SGI? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

STIFF is really just TIFF but w/ the data structures pre-placed so that it can be fed through a pipe. Note however that STIFF is (in my opinion) a big kludge; it doesn't support compressed data and pseudo-violates the spec in at least one area (the last IFD in each file is bogus).

I suspect that your real question was whether the implementation is generally available. If so the answer is no; it's part of the Impressario printer product (to the best of my knowledge noone else inside SGI use it; they all use my library).