1998.02.13 12:39 "TIFF technote #2", by Bruno Ledoux

1998.02.13 17:32 "Re: TIFF technote #2", by Rex Jolliff

I'm looking for TIFF Technote #2 concerning TIFF and Jpeg.

ftp.sgi.com:/graphics/tiff/ (mirrored at ftp.uu.net, I believe)

The copy you'll find there is labeled "draft", but that's just because Adobe never got off their duff to issue it officially.

Because this document is not an offical addendum to the TIFF spec I have found one manufacturer who generates V6 TIFFs and does not have any plans to follow this 'draft'. Is there any way to convince Adobe to add TN #2 to the offical spec? The manufacturer make an OCX control that does other things that we need and it is the only control we have found that even deals with JPEG encoded TIFFs.