1999.06.20 23:47 "TIFF Version 42 -> 45", by Niles Ritter

1999.06.22 03:04 "Re: TIFF Version 42 -> 45", by Niles Ritter

Should it be necessary to change this value, the only appropriate value in the original spirit of the design would be 45.

  1. In a later part of Douglas Adams' story it was revealed that the ultimate question was "What is 6 x 9?".

Last time I checked, the answer to this question is 54, not 45, at least in base 10 on earth. ;-) Is the ultimate question a typo?

Did I mention I was lysdexic? In the context of the odds and primes remark, its going to be real tough for me to argument my way out of this one.

Man, this explains why my checking account keeps bouncing. I was always better with x's and y's....


    Correct Version = 54