2008.08.29 22:53 "[Tiff] Some security fixes from RHEL", by Even Rouault

2008.09.03 21:01 "Re: [Tiff] Some security fixes from RHEL", by Lee Howard

Edward Lam wrote:
> Lee Howard wrote:
>> I don't see Joris's patch anywhere on:
>> http://www.awaresystems.be/imaging/tiff/tml/tm200708.html
>> Does someone have a copy of it? And if we can find it, do we just
>> commit it straight-up to the 3.9 branch?

> I'm not sure what patch you're referring to. Are you talking about the > changes Joris did as eluded by Jay Berkenbilt here?

> http://www.asmail.be/msg0055468514.html

> AFAICT, those changes were never committed into the 3.9 branch. Using > rev 1.79 of tiffio.h as a basis, it looks like the patch was this:

> cvs diff -u -D 2007-08-10 -D 2007-08-11 tiffio.h tif_getimage.c
> (performed on a 3.9 branch)

I'm not sure of which patch I'm referring to, either. Some are stating that we need 3.8 ABI compatibility in 3.9. Someone else has stated that "Joris's patch" restored that 3.8 ABI compatibility for them. I'm just trying to get a fix on what it is that needs to be done to proceed.

Unfortunately, I don't feel capable of actually coding (or signing off on coding) that will make things happy again. I'm able to commit things that are obvious or that don't meet any disagreement. I do some coding myself, but as this was Joris's work it would seem to need his comments to make sense of it all.