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October 1999

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1999.10.21 02:12 "Re: v3.5.2 released", by Ken Cantwell

   This bug should be ASAP.
   I just spent a long time rediscovering this bug
      after one of my stable programs began yakking
      all over the place.
   (Only then did I check the mailing list archive.)
   This serious error should not still be around
      three weeks after being reported.

+ To: <> 
+ Subject: Re: v3.5.2 released 
+ From: "Ivo Penzar" <> 
+ Date: Tue, 28 Sep 1999 19:49:52 +0200 
+ IMHO, few fixes/patches to be done:
+ 1) Fix for 64k+ fax images is not complete. Apparently in
+ the file libtiff/tif_fax3.c, line 502 should be changed from
+ > dsp->runs = (uint32*) _TIFFmalloc(nruns*sizeof (uint16));
+ to
+ > dsp->runs = (uint32*) _TIFFmalloc(nruns*sizeof (uint32));