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1999.10.15 17:25 "Tiff Viewers (multipage/G4)", by Jim Crozier
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1999.10.18 22:01 "Re: Tiff Viewers (multipage/G4)", by Mark Knibbs

Does anyone know of what tiff viewers may be available for free?

The requirements are particularly for: Multi page, G4 encoded Tiff files.

The Windows and Linux platforms seem to have several options, but the public is beating me up about having to buy special software to view public records.

That's odd. The Imaging program which comes with Windows 95, 98 and NT 4.0 supports multi-page G4 TIFF files. It can even use greyscale to antialias the view when viewing at reduced resolutions, which is nice for viewing scanned documents. (For owners of the first release of Win 95, Imaging can be downloaded from the Microsoft web site.)

Again for Windows, the USPTO ( web site mentions a couple of free web browser plugins, one of which is called Alternatiff.

For Macintosh, the freely available GraphicConverter program understands G4 TIFF.

-- Mark