1999.05.14 13:43 "Spot colors in TIFF", by David Harris

1999.05.14 14:54 "Re: Spot colors in TIFF", by Martin Bailey

I am working on a Graphic Arts application that involves interchanging TIFFs, where each TIFF contains an arbitrary number of separations (usually CMYK + some spot colors) - photometric interpretation=5, with InkSet=2 and the colors listed using the InkNames tag. So that these files can be displayed onscreen, it would be useful to store an approximate representation of each spot color, in CMYK or RGB. There does not seem to be any standard tag for this - has anyone already registered a custom tag for this purpose? If not, Ill go ahead and register my own. Thanks for any feedback.

I'm hoping to see this as a standard tag in TIFF 7, I know I'm not the only one who's requested it.


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