2008.08.19 05:17 "[Tiff] Regarding DICONDE and its Specification", by Harsha

2008.08.25 12:15 "Re: [Tiff] creating sparse files......", by John

2008/8/25 Tillaart, Rob van den <rob.vandentillaart@oce.com>:

  1. is it not possible to reuse the intermediate file again in stead recreating one? I imagine that for every stich another part of the intermediate file is used.
  2. is it not possible to do some kind of smart banding or tiling.

One could create one (large?) zero filled tile and let the internal "tile-pointers" in the tiff file all point to this same 'empty' tile. Would give quite some compression without compressing, just bending the rules. If a tile is updated it should be appended of course as other tags still point to the empty tile. The empty tile could also be implemented by a tag indicating the tile as empty so one only needs the size and position.

The panotools final blend is more like 'flatten layers' in photoshop or similar. Each output pixel in the panorama needs one pixel from every input image.

There are some (very brief) notes here:


There was more written on this, but it seems to have vanished from google's SoC site :-( or I can't find it anyway.

This is getting off-topic for libtiff sadly.