2003.08.08 19:20 "[Tiff] linking errors in mpi environment", by Pushkar Pradhan

2003.08.10 05:39 "[Tiff] ld.so.1, TIFFmalloc not found", by Tom Kacvinsky

For this type of problem, it helps to know what platform and operating system you are using. Also, what flavor of MPI are you using? There are several different versions.

However, my best guess is that mpirun (documented as being a shell script) is doing something funky with LD_LIBRARY_PATH and so you are losing out on those library search paths.

I usually try to circumvent this problem on the Solaris boxes I work on by specifying -R/path/to/libtiff on the link line, which then records this path for ld.so.1 to use at runtime linking. On Digital UNIX, use -rpath, and if using gcc, -Wl,-R,/path/to/lib or whatever is suitable for your platform.

Hope that helps,