2009.09.14 17:30 "[Tiff] 8-bit JPEG broken in 3.9.x?", by Dwight Kelly

2009.09.14 23:11 "Re: [Tiff] 8-bit JPEG broken in 3.9.x?", by Frank Warmerdam

I am getting strange results with JPEG compression and libtiff 3.9.1.
Below is a test program. The output for 8-bit JPEG in gray and RGB
colorspaces are wrong. Instead of horizontal stripes I get a solid color.

I received your two emails. Double-check how you are building your test program. If you are on a system which supports it, use 'ldd' to verify that the correct libraries are being used. Pay close attention that the correct header files are used. For my first attempt with your test program, a system provided libtiff was being used rather than the one I installed.


At my request Dwight has also filed this in bugzilla as:


I also found that things looked fine, though Dwight seems to see a problem with an output file that looks good to me so there may be some sort of viewer sensitivity.

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