2006.10.23 03:15 "[Tiff] How to Supress TIFFReadDirectory warning", by muthu kumar

2006.10.23 03:27 "Re: [Tiff] How to Supress TIFFReadDirectory warning", by Bob Friesenhahn

On Sun, 22 Oct 2006, muthu kumar wrote:

I am new to tiff, I am trying to read tiff file(to converty to other format) in batch mode. But when i read some files i got the warning messages like the following

"Unknown field with a tag 32934 (0x80a6) encountered" This error comes in TIFFREADDirectory

This stops the execution and want the user to press enter.

I really don't know how to supress this warning

Libtiff itself does not include any dialog windows. What software are you using to do the batch conversion? If you are using Microsoft Windows and the program crashes, then Windows itself may display a dialog box.

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