2006.10.11 07:41 "[Tiff] Please ignore earlier mail / Handling Of SubIFD in Libtiff Ver 3.8.2", by Anurag Singh

Hello All

I am using libtiff 3.8.2, i have a tiff image which have one subifd. But whatever i have seen libtiff is not working for subifds.I got to know with the help of tag viewer that this particular image have subifd, but after reading whole image file TIFFDirectory structure doesn't show any information about SubIFD.

I have debug the whole tiff library but i didnt get any handling for tag TIFF_SUBIFD(330), if libtiff is reading this tag as a normal tag and then finally the value of these members (uint16 td_nsubifd, uint32* td_subifd) of TIFFDirectory structure are 0.

it's mean there are something missing or may be some other way to handle it. Please let me know that how to deal with subIFD.

Thanks In Advance

Anurag Singh