2007.07.14 08:00 "[Tiff] [ANNOUNCE]: Libtiff 3.9.0beta released", by Andrey Kiselev

2007.07.22 15:58 "[Tiff] possible ABI change in 3.9.0 beta?", by Jay Berkenbilt

I was looking at the changes from 3.8.2 to 3.9.0 beta, doing my usual inspection for possible ABI changes. I notice that _TIFFRGBAImage has added two new fields:

  uint16 SubsamplingHor;                  /* subsampling factors */
  uint16 SubsamplingVer;

Does this mean that there has been an accidental ABI change between 3.8.2 and 3.9.0? If so, is it a problem that can be fixed before 3.9.0? Otherwise, I will have to patch around this to upload 3.9.0 into debian. Since 4.0.0 will be an ABI changed, I'll save the pain of the tiff transition until then. I haven't yet tested programs that use TIFFRGBAImage compiled with 3.8.2 and run with 3.9.0 beta, but I intend to do that just to be sure.