2007.08.07 10:49 "[Tiff] Problem loading a RGB floating point TIFF", by Mircea Ciocan

2007.08.07 14:02 "Re: [Tiff] Problem loading a RGB floating point TIFF", by Frank Warmerdam

 I'm trying to load some high-dynamic images, both gray scale and RGB,

they are expressed as 32bits floats, the gray scale image ( 1 sample/pix ) loads OK but I have an RGB image that could not be loaded, here are the main tags of those two images:

This image does NOT work:
ImageWidth (1 Short): 637
ImageLength (1 Short): 502
BitsPerSample (3 Short): 32, 32, 32
Compression (1 Short): Uncompressed
Photometric (1 Short): RGB
StripOffsets (1 Long): 8
SamplesPerPixel (1 Short): 3
RowsPerStrip (1 Short): 502
StripByteCounts (1 Long): 3837288
PlanarConfig (1 Short): Contig
SampleFormat (3 Short): 3, 3, 3

This image works:
ImageWidth (1 Short): 1024
ImageLength (1 Short): 6144
BitsPerSample (1 Short): 32
Compression (1 Short): Uncompressed
Photometric (1 Short): MinIsBlack

StripOffsets (6 Long): 8, 4194312, 8388616, 12582920, 16777224,... SamplesPerPixel (1 Short): 1 RowsPerStrip (1 Short): 1024 StripByteCounts (6 Long): 4194304, 4194304, 4194304, 4194304, 4194304,... PlanarConfig (1 Short): Contig SampleFormat (1 Short): 3

The library version is TIFFLIB_VERSION 20060323 and the error code is unsupported format. It seem that this version does not support 3 sample/pix floating point encoding and my question is that if there is a later version that does support that format or if not if support for this format is planned in the near future?


Are you using the TIFFReadRGBAImage() interface? At the risk of being defensive, reporting that TIFFReadRGBAImage() does not support a particular image configuration is *not* the same as saying libtiff does not support it. TIFFReadRGBAImage() is a convenience function to normalize a wide variety of input images into easy to use form, but was never expected to support all files that libtiff supports.

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