2006.09.26 04:45 "[Tiff] Tiffcrop beta available for testing", by Richard Nolde

2006.09.27 12:50 "Re: [Tiff] YCbCr data in tiffcrop", by Joris Van Damme


As an experienced writer of emails people find uncomfortably long (sorry guys), I'd strongly suggest to you dividing long emails in short paragraphs. I find people are more likely to find the courage to start reading that way. ;-)

I don't need YCbCr for my project but I wanted to try to support all the options that tiffcp does since tiffcrop is a superset of tiffcp.

Ed Grissom pointed out there are likely problems in current tiffcp handling of subsampled YCbCr. So what I'd like to suggest, assuming your tiffcrop makes it to the contrib or tools dir in the distribution (and I'd very much like that), is that you copy the exact same code of tiffcp for handling subsampled YCbCr, and file a bugzilla entry that applies to identical code in both tiffcp and tiffcrop. Assign the bugzilla entry to me, and when current huge project is done and I have time to spend on this I'll certainly take responsability for at the very least all that is related to YCbCr, subsampling, and old-style and new-style JPEG compression, so that'll include this particular problem.

Best regards,

Joris Van Damme
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