2006.10.26 15:21 "[Tiff] TIFFReadPrivateDirectory function is not working for SUBIFD", by Anurag Singh

2006.10.26 18:34 "Re: [Tiff] TIFFReadPrivateDirectory function is not working for SUBIFD", by Sebastian Boehmer


Yes that's right.

The __TIFFReadCustomDirectoryPart function reads only the tags with are "registered" in parameter TIFFFieldInfo** info[]. The parameter size_t* nfields is the size of this array.

You have to register the filed with TIFFMergeFieldInfo... Anyway is it although a question if we should read the tags which are not registered like in TIFFReadDirectory.

I think we should. I will correct this next week. So long use the TIFFMergeField function, please.


I am trying to read subIFD with the help of TIFFReadPrivateDirectory(TIFF* tif, toff_t diroff), but finally got that it's not working.

this is the code snippet of the function

__TIFFReadCustomDirectoryPart(TIFF* tif, toff_t diroff, size_t* nfields, TIFFFieldInfo** info[], int attrPrivateDirectory ) {

 fix = 0;

for (dp = dir, i = dircount; i > 0; i--, dp++) {

      if (tif->tif_flags & TIFF_SWAB) {

         TIFFSwabArrayOfShort(&dp->tdir_tag, 2);

       TIFFSwabArrayOfLong(&dp->tdir_count, 2);


   if (fix >= *nfields || dp->tdir_tag == IGNORE)


// none of the line executed below it

 while (fix < *nfields && (*info)[fix]->field_tag < dp->tdir_tag)




above nfields is tif->tif_nPrivateFields, which is always 0 at the time of SubIFD reading. So the loop never complete, it's always return from the same line.

Please let me know how to read SubIFD with the help of the above fucntions.

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