2005.09.27 16:15 "[Tiff] libtiff 3.7.4 win32 fails compilation", by Nicklas Norling

2005.11.22 08:19 "[Tiff] Error by creating libtiff.lib library : tiff-3.7.4.zip", by Igor Roth

Ladies and gentelmen,

I have downloaded your tiff-3.7.4.zip packege and wanted to create

the TIFF-Libraries with:

C:\LIBTIFF\LIBTIFF> nmake /f makefile.vc

The following error has appeared at the compile time.

The file jpeglib.h is really not present in this packege.

What can I do to create this libraries?

Thank you




-DFILLODER_LSB2MSB /c tif_jpeg.c


tif_jpeg.c(75): fatal error C1083: Include-Datei kann nicht geoeffnet werden: 'jpeglib.h': No such file or directory