2017.12.21 14:14 "[Tiff] Pull request to add ZStandard/ZSTD codec", by Even Rouault

2018.02.16 12:00 "Re: [Tiff] Pull request to add ZStandard/ZSTD codec", by

On 2018-02-15 13:59, Leonard Rosenthol wrote: > Sorry about this folks – the person who is now managing the TIFF > work has been otherwise occupied and I haven’t been able to push

> this through…

> I agree that we should probably come up with a better model – but I > don't see new things being registered all that often so it’s hard.

Dear Leonard,

Could I make a suggestion for something which might help? Have Adobe considered moving the tag registry into public source control such as github.com/adobe/tiff-tag-registry? This would allow for a pull request-based approach to propose and review new tags. You could even use github pages to automatically publish the tag registry documentation after merging. This would make the process more open and transparent, and might reduce the amount resources which Adobe requires for ongoing maintenance.

While the tag registry is the most immediate concern, have you considered a similar approach for the TIFF specification itself?

If the existing Adobe github repository isn't suitable, the libtiff gitlab organisation could potentially be used to host additional repositories.

Kind regards,