2006.11.24 10:23 "[Tiff] Windows HD Photo - any interest?", by Brad Hards

2006.11.24 23:06 "Re: [Tiff] Windows HD Photo - any interest?", by Bob Friesenhahn

"1. You may review these Materials only (a) as a reference to assist You in planning and designing Your product, service or technology ("Product") to interface with a Microsoft product, specification, service or technology ("Microsoft Product") as described in these Materials; and (b) to provide feedback on these Materials to Microsoft. All other rights are retained by Microsoft; this Agreement does not give You rights under any Microsoft patents."

I don't think that any of this says that the codec couldn't be used in libtiff. Probably worth a clarification though.

Currently libtiff does not contain any algorithms protected by a patent (to the best of our knowledge). This allows it to be distributed for any application. Is the Windows HD Photo codec protected by any Microsoft (or other vendor ) patents?

The JBIG2 codec is also interesting, but implementing support for it is discouraged by protective patents.

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