2006.10.25 08:48 "[Tiff] Newbie Question on Memory Usage within LibTiff", by Amarnath S

2006.10.25 09:21 "Re: [Tiff] Newbie Question on Memory Usage within LibTiff", by Joris Van Damme


Amarnath S wrote:
> as monitored on the Windows Task Manager

The Windows Task Manager is a completely unreliable way to measure this. As far as I can tell, your code does not leak. If you want to verify, you need a tool that is suitable for this task, unlike the Windows Task Manager. For the Borland C++ Builder, such a tool can be the build-in CodeGuard (thought that has the disadvantage of also reporting pointer arithmetic overruns and underruns that typically occur at the ends of loops and don't necessarily result in actual memory access overruns and underruns). There are other tools for the Windows environment that work on a variety of compilers, like for instance AQTime. I believe the Linux environment has also stuff available, I believe it's called valgrind, but I may be mistaking.

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