2006.10.31 01:34 "[Tiff] Reading Photoshop Proprietary Tag 37724", by Olumide

2006.10.31 19:46 "RE: [Tiff] Reading Photoshop Proprietary Tag 37724", by Chris Cox

The SDK tells you how to get the Photoshop file format documentation.

And even the 6.0 SDK tells you how to parse that data block.

The only thing it doesn't give you is source code to do it.


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Start by getting the Photoshop SDK and reading it.

I have the SDK, with the TIFF technical notes (Photoshop TIFF.pdf, page
11 in particular), but I'm still stuck. There isn't a lot of information

on the structure of the data block, and the document furthermore directs the reader to the Photoshop File Formats.pdf which is no longer freely distributed. I've been able to find the last specification that Adobe released (6.0), but I'm not sure if its a good idea to code using the old specification which I'm sure has now been extended.

I was hoping someone who has gone this route would give me some pointers
on how to proceed.