2007.08.08 12:25 "[Tiff] is cpContigBufToSeparateBuf() function (of tiffcp.c) working for bytes_per_sample less than 1", by Anurag Singh

Hello All

I got a image on which currently i am working. I am using libtiff 3.8.2.

Details of image

imagewidth = 16
imagelength = 16
bitspersampel = 2
sampelPerPixel = 2
image type = strip

I was making copy of the image, but at the time of writing image data cpContigBufToSeparateBuf() function (tiffcp.c) corrupt the heap. This function take bytes_per_sample and we have hardcoded as 1 in writeBufferToSeparateStrips() function.

That means we are not able to handle the image which have bytes_per_sampel less than 1. Please suggest me what i have to do?

Thanks in Advance
Anurag Singh