2006.10.30 20:16 "[Tiff] Tiles or Strips?", by Olumide

2006.10.30 20:58 "Re: [Tiff] Tiles or Strips?", by Bob Friesenhahn

I'm new to LibTIFF and I've been studying the docs. I've perused a few sample programs start out with the supposed foreknowledge that the raster is stored as strips or tiles, and that does not sit well with the cautious programmer in me i.e., one day such a program will encounter raster thats written in the *other* format(?).

Whats the best approach to writing a does one write a flexible reader i.e., determining the beforehand if the data is stored as strips or tiles?

That is a good question with no easy answer. There are other issues to worry abut besides strips and tiles. It depends on the level of quality you expect from your implementation and the type of TIFF images you expect to deal with most often.

Feel free to read the TIFF support code for GraphicsMagick from


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