2005.12.23 22:01 "[Tiff] problem reading Photoshop CS2 JPEG-in-TIFF", by Dwight Kelly

2006.01.04 19:44 "[Tiff] Re: Reading TIFF(CMYK)", by Dwight Kelly

Arkadiusz Malka asked:

>it's possible to read only one color chanel from tiff(CMYK) let say cyan >and save it as greyscale?

All CMYK TIFF files should been PHOTOMETRIC_SEPARATED & SAMPLESPERPIXEL == 4. Some will have INKSET(332) == INKSET_CMYK. TIFF/IT-P1 files will have NUMBEROFINKS(334) == 4 and INKNAMES set to a string of the individual separation names.

You will encounter both planarconfig types PLANARCONFIG_CONTIG and PLANARCONFIG_SEPARATE.


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