2015.02.28 17:05 "[Tiff] Mac 10.6.8 libtiff build broken?", by Ben Supnik

2015.02.28 21:41 "Re: [Tiff] Mac 10.6.8 libtiff build broken?", by Ben Supnik

Hi Bob,

Thanks for the fast reply.

./m4' was executed on last (not me this time). It seems pretty likely that the macro used this time is much more modern than whatever is resident on my own machines. Support for older systems might have been dropped by its maintainers.

See http://www.gnu.org/software/autoconf-archive/ax_check_gl.html for a description of this macro.

The latest version allows for --with-gl=no which turns off GL entirely; shipping libtiff doesn't have this.

It looks like the rev from 2013/4/1 is the oldest one that supports this flag.

The --with-apple-frameworks functionality was lost on 2008/10/07, so it's now long since gone.

The upshot is that you/we need to find a version of this macro which is most pleasing to all and make sure that it is used in the next libtiff release.

It looks like any version after 2013/4/1 would work. It also looks like having a flag for framework paths available was tossed a long time ago.

  As far as I can tell, the new macro is simply not finding OpenGL on

newer OS X versions at all, so "losing" OS X autoconfigure support for libtiff may be moot.

From my own observations, there is a distinct opinion among Apple OS-X users (and users of almost all Apple products) that users are never more than one product release behind. This is evidenced by the Apple Store always being 100% full (and often with a waiting line outside) of customers who already have perfectly functional older Apple products. The maintainers of AX_CHECK_GL might only have fading memories of older OS-X releases.

It is more difficult to maintain support for old versions of the OS on OSX than Windows. :-)

With that in mind, it looks like support for OpenGL frameworks bit the dust in the end of 2008 - at the time OS X 10.6.8 _was the lastest_! This looks more like someone did a "big rework" of the GL macros and splatted the Mac by accident.


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