2004.11.18 18:05 "[Tiff] Using TIFFGetField to get a "Rational"", by Stephen Billard

2004.11.19 00:49 "Re: [Tiff] Using TIFFGetField to get a "Rational"", by Eric Vergnaud

Which makes me wonder why the [Tiff] mail server doesn't automatically add the reply-to field, so we don't have to think about it.

It is in case I forget to change the reply address back when I reply in private, asking if you are still beating your wife.

Well I am, so she's in hospital right now. I also killed a few people last week, and I'm preparing a terrorist attack against the Eiffel tower.

Now that this information is public, maybe someone can make this list behave as -almost- all the development mailing lists I know.

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